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Chocfest is York's one day convention. Traditionally it was always held on the Saturday closest to Burns night, but due to availability of a venue this has slipped to early February, always trying to avoid clashing with the Scottish Juggling Convention.

Chocfest got its name from the number of chocolate factories in York, there were three when it first started in 1996.

The venue is generally booked four months in advance. Advertising is started as soon as the venue is booked. Insurance is bought a couple of weeks in advance. Chocolate is bought (for both reception and prizes) anything up to the day before. Acts are negotiated anywhere up to a year in advance (be careful - some will let you down on the day, which then involves running around the gym looking for fillers). Pens/Paper/Raffle Tickets/String/Bin bags are generally left over from the year before (checked and topped up as necessary).

ChocFest Website