Old Webpage

This was our old webpage and some of the information may now be out of date as the website didn't change much after it was created in 1997, please check our new website for more up-to-date information.

York Jugglers

York is blessed with a large number of active jugglers, who are into all sorts of toys and games.

Many people come from surrounding areas (Leeds, Harrogate, Northallerton, Selby) to join us on Tuesday nights for our weekly juggle (details below). We are a loose affilation, I used notionally run the affair but martin has taken over now.

I am trying to avoid using the term 'club' as recent discussion has indicated this may put off newbies who are justy learning, and that the last thing we want to do, we encourage all standard from total klutz "I cant juggle I don't have the co-ordination" through to the 5 club street performer.

York has a university with a student juggling club, which is a very friendly affair which encourages locals to partticiapte, there is a very large overlap between the two "clubs". Meetings are arranged on different nights of the week - so we all end up happy and see each other regularly.

I write a page on making stilts, which some people have used.


We meet every Tuesday. 7pm - 9pm ish. York Cemetery (yep thats right), Cemetery Road, York. We are close to the Barbican Leisure centre, everyone knows where that is, if you get there find the Victoria pub then walk away from the Barbican with pub on left and Cemetery is reached in 100 yards. By road come in on the A19 from Selby and take right fork just after - NO traffic lights. MAP

During Term time we also meet up at the University on Thur nights 7:30 - 10 and Sunday 7:30-10 in one of the college dining rooms (we get shunted about a bit but please to find us). The York Univeristy Juggling Club Web Pages have current details. Into a college bar afterwards for the de-brief :-)

If you fancy a visit you can either email me or phone Martin in The Anti Gravity Shop our local juggling, kites and rollerblades supplier and actve york juggler.