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Link to York Jugglers Facebook Group
We have a Facebook page.

Wilbur- University of York's Juggling Club's logo

The University of York's Juggling Club have their own website.
Chocfest logo Chocfest - York's annual juggling convention.
Rob's Build Your Own Stilts Instructions
How to make some stilts, cheaply and simply, comprehensive easy-to-read instructions.
Totally Awesome logo

Totally Awesome (new name for Anti-Gravity) - our local juggling shop.
Nearby Juggling Clubs
Nearby Juggling Clubs logo - lots of juggling movies.
Juggling Edge logo
Juggling Edge - juggling forum, club listings, event listings and more.

A few on-line juggling forums.

Juggling Simulators

You don't have to juggle, you can find animation on-line which will juggle almost any pattern you can think of.

Juggling Equipment Suppliers

Some mail-order suppliers of juggling equipment.

Aidan's Juggling Page

Three ball trick videos, siteswap and passing patterns.


Compendium of Passing Patterns

Passing Zone

Lots of club passing information
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Library of Juggling