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Chocolate and juggling combined in a fabulous convention, what more could any chocolate-loving juggler want?  Every year hundreds of jugglers from all over the UK come to York for what is said by many to be among the best one-day juggling conventions in Great Britain.  As well as workshops in all manner of circus skills and the chance to win prizes in the Chocfest Juggling Games, the day culminates in a world class show.  Over the years Chocfest has brought many international performers to the UK.

CCCC, Chocfest Chocolate Cake Challenge (started in 2000), is an opportunity for attendees to enter a chocolate cake in return for discounted entry, the cakes are judged and prizes are awarded in the show and the cakes shared with the audience during the show interval.

Chocfest 26 in 2021 postponed due to Covid pandemic.

More information about the Chocfest, on February 6, 2021, will be on the Chocfest website: 

In 1996 York Jugglers (from both university and town) organised a one day juggling convention in York, this became an annual event.  It was originally called Ye Olde Yorvik Juggling Conventione, but by 1998 had become known as Chocfest due to the abundance of chocolate at the convention (chocolate bars were given to all attendants as well as chocolate for prizes in the games) and the fact there were two chocolate factories in York at the time (Terry's and Rowntree).

The first seven conventions were held at York University, Chocfest L8 was held at Archbishop Holgate School, Chocfest IX was held at Fishergate Primary School, Chocfest then moved to Joseph Rowntree School for the next 4 years till the school was demolished in 2008.  Chocfest then moved to Selby Abbey for two years before moving back to the rebuilt Joseph Rowntree School in 2011.  For 2012 to 2020 Chocfest moved to Manor C of E School in Nether Poppleton.  See map.

Traditionally Chocfest is held at the end of January, but has been held in February, March and even July, the first two were held on a Sunday, but all subsequent ones have been held on a Saturday.

Chocfest was also where the internationally renowned sport of Stredging originated from at the turn of the century. (Explanation of Stredging).

Chocfest V in 2000 was used as a fund raiser for the British Juggling Convention held in York in April of the same year, BJC2k (as it became known) was organised by York Jugglers and friends.  Chocfest X in 2005 raised money for victims of the 2004 tsunami. The profits from Chocfest 2013 and 2014 (and all money held by Chocfest) were given to BJC 2013.

Various passes have been used for Chocfest over the years, some of the early ones were generously supplied by Beard Juggling.

The Chocfest logo of the juggler wearing a viking hat was created by Charlie Dancey, who is a professional juggler and author of several juggling books.
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 Date  Name  Venue  Show Acts  Attendance /
Price / Pass
Feb 18 1996  Ye Olde Yorvik Juggling Conventione Vanburgh (& Goodricke) UoY  Donald Grant (diabolo), Guy Heathcote (devilstick),
Spaghetti Brothers,
Abba guy on Rola-Bola (Nick?),
Magic Farangs, 
Winston Plowes (compère) .
 >200, white disc review
Jan 26 1997  Ye Olde Yorvik Juggling Conventione 2 - "it's chocolate, not pants"  Langwith (& Alcuin) UoY  UV pole spinning,
Sam I Am,
Pete Z
Cheb Huray Band
Ben Jennings,
Pete White (compère). 
 ~180, £5 (£3.50) review 
Jan 24 1998  Ye Olde Yorvik Chocfest 3 - "Chocolate and beer"  Langwith (& Alcuin) UoY  Jason Garfield,
Colin E,
Ben Jennings,
Ben & Sam,
Robert J, Justin,
Smiley Guy,
Compost Mentis,
Chicks with Sticks (Sharon & Ella),
Well Laid Back Jugglers, Cosmos,
Rapide Brothers,
Pete Z (compère).
 >300, £6
Jan 23 1999  Chocfest 4 - Space 1999? York Juggle Out?  Langwith (& Alcuin) UoY  Jeff Daymont,
Dave Barnes (diabolo),
Feeding the Fish (Glo Balls),
Danger Bros (Chris & Howie)(mayhem),
SiLix (aka Lixsi aka Simon and Alix aka ....),
British Bronze Medal Yo-Yo-er (Howie),
Kaleigh & Leigh (unicycle),
and some bloke called J. Gilligan,
Rob Stone (compère).  
200, £6 (£4) 

Chocfest 1999 Pass

 report, website
YSTV video
Jan 22 2000  Chocfest V - the fund raiser  Langwith UoY  Stewart Pemberton (tap-dancing),
Jamie Fletcher (unicycle+juggling),
Henry & Ade (double decker table racing),
Miark (unicycle escapology), 
Rob Stone (compère).
240, £5
Chocfest 2000 pass
Jan 27 2001  Chocfest 6  Langwith UoY    Sean McKinney,
Men in Coats,
Gonzo Moose,
Dave Kelly,
Dave Barnes,
Geoff, Georgini Devilstick Project, 
Stu and Loopy Lou (bounce juggling).
Jan 26 2002  Chocfest VII - all the usual stuff plus chocolate cakes  Langwith UoY  John Nations & Kerry Silson,
Dave Barnes,
Jamie Fletcher,
Tim Foolery,
Luke Burrage.
Chocfest 2002 Pass (Pretzel on string)
July 26 2003  Chocfest L8 - better L8 than never  Archbishop Holgate School  Sweavo & Martin (compères). 120, £6Chocolate Cosmos Plant Label  photos, review
July 3 2004  Chocfest IX - still not on time  Fishergate Primary School  Magic Kev and Molly. 
Luke Burrage,
Dave Barnes,
Ben Beever,
hosted by Rob Stone.
 Plastic spoon on a string
Chocfest 2004 Pass (plastic spoon on a string)
Jan 22 2005  Chocfest X - the big birthday bash  Joseph Rowntree School  Jamie Fletcher,
Donald Grant,
Guy Heathcote,
Luke Burrage,
Sharon Bridge,
Dave Barnes,
Winston (compère).
 name badge in different colours 
Feb 11 2006  Chocfest 11 - all the normal chocolatey and juggly goodness you've come to love  Joseph Rowntree School  Alam Blim,
Tempei (v),
Apex Acrobatics,
Eek & Tiff (video),
Jon Udry & Philipp Vermehren (video),
Jon and Philipp,
Sean and Zak,
The Yorkie Bar Kids,
Matt Harper,
Tom Johnson,
compères: Sweavo, LP, The Void, Yoyo Monster, Al, Patrick and Charlie.
[Activities during the day included live pianist in the sports hall, pole exercise and speedstacking.]
 £6 thank you,
Feb 3 2007  Chocfest 12  Joseph Rowntree School  Sean Blue,
The Yorkie Bar Kids, Guille and friend presenting "The Club's Kings",
Dave Kelly (mad 3 ball stuff),
Dave Barnes (diabolo), Matt Byng-Maddick (devilstick),
Max Lastic (contortion), Tom Johnson (contact), Dan Cooper (beautiful ball juggling),
Jon Udry (clubs) (v), Pete Z (compère).
250  facebook page (s), 
Feb 9 2008  Chocfest 13  Joseph Rowntree School  Josh and Chris (Ball and club passing), 
The Void (Kendama)(video),
Plumsie (Clubs),
Tom Rolfe (Various props),
David (Clubs),
York University Juggling Society "Pretty Simple" (ball passing),
Norbi (Ringsish),
Rachel Black (Hula),
Guillermo and Victor - The Hitmen (Club passing),
Erik Borgman (football juggling), 
Bobby Dazzler (compère).
[Activities during the day included building biscuit towers and there was juggling at the cemetery on Sunday.] 
 220, yellow/orange laser- etched plastic, Chocfest 2008 Pass facebook page
Feb 14 2009  Chocfest 14  Selby Abbey  Charlie Ledger (hoops),
Matt not from Leicester (balls),
The Catrobats (catty acro),
Sarah Bizkup (rings),
Bekka Rose (clubs),
Donald Grant (diabolo),
CNPK (balls),
Mike Bridge (MC).
 180, love heart candy taped to bottle top
Chocfest 2009 Pass
facebook page,
Mar 13 2010  Chocfest XV  Selby Abbey  Danny Cooper,
Matt Byng-Maddick,
Luke Galloway,
Andy Wakeford,
Josh Turner,
Zack Turner,
Lewis Kennedy,
Frumpid Stumplestone (video).
£8, train ticket
Chocfest 2010 Pass
facebook page
Jan 29 2011  Chocfest XVI - sweet 16  Joseph Rowntree School  Carlos Romero,
Dan Wood,
Planet ABBA (comedy juggling),
Matt Green,
Jon Peat,
Tim Foolery (comedy hoola hoops),
Simon & Louisa,
Neil Smith (juggling with cane),
Mamph & Martin (club passing),
Sweavo (compère).
 230, £9, pass made from recycled plastic bags.Chocfest 2011 Pass
 Jan 28 2012
 Chocfest 17 - Primed to Drive
 Manor School
 Jorgelina Vázquez (club swinging),
Rachel Black (hula hoop),
Elle Cooper (diabolo),
Act 7 (Alan and Sadie) (balls),
Dave Kelly (balls & racquets), 
Mathew T Cornelius (balls),
Alma Gemlan (Allan Rhodes Jnr & Gemma Halliwell) (balls), 
9th Dimension (Johnny Brizzolara and Peter Castellucci)(dance),
Vid Warren (human beat box),
Stumpy (compère).  
 250, £9, pass made from alphabetti-beads.
Chocfest 2012 Pass - © TLMB
facebook page,
newspaper report,
CCCC results.
 Jan 26 2013
 Chocfest 18 - All Grown Up
 Manor School
 Lynn Scott,
Alex Jones (balls),
Paul Incredible, video (diabolo), 
Keith M (clubs), 
Kathrin Pancakes (rings), 
Andos and Artemis; Elusive (poi), 
Fulcrum Circus; Pivot Point, video (acrobalance), 
Brook Roberts (balls),
Sam Goodburn (juggling unicycle),
Rosie & Charles (compères).
 230, £9, plastic snowflake facebook page
 Jan 25  2014
 Chocfest 19 - N-n-n-n-Nineteen
 Manor School
 Ethan la Bonche (rola bola),
Jorgelina Vázquez (club spinning),
Emma Hoops (hooping),
Will Borrell (clubs),
Jack & James (diabolo),
Joel Fergusson (balls),
Chazz (contact staff),
Tom Derrick (umbrella),
Harvey & Wilf La Bonche (compères).
240, £10, Panda Juggling Ball panel

 facebook page,
 Jan 31  2015
 Chocfest 20 - Score some choccy
 Manor School
 Mike Parker (ball spinning),
Claire Stephens (hoop),
Jake Smith (balls),
Doris Benda (unicycle),
Rob Woolley (rings), 
Cai Lear (cup & balls), 
Josh Turner (balls and clubs), 
Eddy Bacon (contact), 
Matthew Tiffany (video)(compère).
250, £10, Pipe cleaner man
Chocfest 2015 pass
 facebook page, video,  

 Jan 23  2016
 Chocfest 21 - Keys to the door ...
 Manor School
 Alan Chung (balls),
Max Hodgkinson (diabolo), 
Charles Brockbank (balance), 
Lisa Ellipse (hoops),
Allan & Ross (comedy),
Jenny Collins (hoop)
Ed Cliffe (contact),
Jon Peat (clubs),
Tom Crosbie (compère)
240, £10, Free DVD/CD

Chocfest 2016 pass

 facebook page, review,
 Jan 28  2017
 Chocfest 22 - There's no catch
Manor School  Arthur Hyam (diabolo), 
Piers van Looy (poi), Matthew Tiffany (banjo),
Emyr Lewis (card trick),
Dave Kelly (balls & racquets),
Eddy Bacon (contact),
Kathrin Pancakes (rings), 
Tom Butterworth (compère)
261.5, £10, Magic card

Chocfest 2017 Pass

 facebook page, photos,
review, video
 Jan 20  2018
 Chocfest 23 - Paired up Nicely
Manor School  Georgie (hats),
Imly Rice (hoops),
Oscar Richards (dragon staff),
Matthew Greeny,
Cai Lear (cup & balls),
David Stone (balls),
Matthew Tiffany,
Jon Peat,
Rosie Kelly (compère)
 £10, Lollipop stick

 facebook page, review,
 Jan 26  2019
 Chocfest 24 - Pure Gold
 Manor School
Armien (poi juggling), 
Chris (club balance), 
Kathrin Pancakes (rings), 
Jon Peat "I Wish" (3 balls), 
Jake (3 balls), 
Doreen Grossman (clubs),
DuoKala (Amien & Kathrin)(hoop juggling),  

Rosie Kelly (compère)
 220, £10, black rubber wristband

 facebook page, video 
 Jan 25  2020
 Chocfest 25 - A Silvery Celebration 
 Manor School
 Cal Lawrie (diabolo),
Lucy Cobb (unicycle),
Steve Bullen (contact),
Jen Peat (hoops),
Will (clubs),
Dave Kelly (balls & racquets),
Russell Wells (compère)
   160, £10, mini gummi bear
Chocfest 2020 Pass - Plastic Gummi Bear
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